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Europe is one of the biggest sources of the world's climate pollution -- and half of Europe's emissions come from boilers, fridges, TVs and other energy-using products in homes and other buildings.

Strong energy efficiency standards have been proposed for these products that would massively reduce climate emissions, save money on electricity, and set a strong example of what's possible for the rest of the world. But out of sight of the public, some vested industrial interests are pushing hard to water down the proposals.

A public, worldwide outcry can still defeat the industry lobbyists, but time is short! Sign the petition below, and it will be delivered this week to EU decision-makers in Brussels.

The EU must adopt strong efficiency standards for energy-using products like fridges, televisions, and boilers, to reduce Europe's overall climate pollution by 10% per year by 2020. These standards will save consumers money, help save the climate, and spur other nations to take action as well.
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